Commercial and Civil Litigation

The Dessaules Law Group in Central Phoenix, Arizona has substantial experience in business and consumer disputes. We regularly represent individuals, small and mid-size businesses, and business professionals in a wide array of commercial and business disputes.  Our lawyers can assist you with a vast range of commercial disputes, including contract disputes, business torts, partnership disputes, buyer-seller disputes, construction litigation, professional liability cases, real estate litigation, employment disputes, alternative dispute resolution, shareholder disputes, and bankruptcy proceedings.  Our lawyers have achieved favorable results in cases in both state and federal courts throughout Arizona.

Litigation can be costly and time-consuming.  Even the "simplest" case can take months, and even years, to wind its way through the judicial system.  Although litigation is sometimes inevitable, it often is not.  We offer a solution-oriented approach to the client's legal needs and believe that an early evaluation of a case and a firm grasp of the client's ultimate goals and objectives assists us in providing superior legal services and quality representation.  Where litigation is necessary or inevitable, our lawyers stand ready to assist you through trial and any appeals.  

Contract Disputes

A contract is a binding and enforceable commitment between two or more people that imposes rights and obligations on each of the parties. In our experience, a contract is rarely black-and-white. Contracts can be poorly-written, vague, illusory, illegal, or in some cases unenforceable. Questions commonly arise over the proper interpretation of a contract, whether the terms of the contract have been breached, and a non-breaching party's remedies in the event of such a breach.

Our lawyers are experienced litigators who will assist you in resolving your contract dispute in any courtroom or forum. We can also assist you in drafting a contract in order to avoid the common pitfalls that usually end up being decided by a judge or jury. Our lawyers can help you enforce contracts or defend against claims that you have breached a contract.

Business Structuring and Dissolution

Whether you are forming or dissolving a business, getting a lawyer involved as soon as possible is usually a very wise choice. Corporate and part