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The Dessaules Law Group is a full-service law firm providing legal services to individuals, families, and small businesses throughout Arizona and California. 

We are a seven-lawyer Arizona-based law firm offering skilled, results-driven legal representation to individuals and companies in Arizona and California. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who are committed to offering personalized legal service, exceptional legal skills, and a practical, solution-oriented approach to the client’s legal needs. We recognize that litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Our attorneys will help you make pragmatic and informed decisions to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.

The Dessaules Law Group offers a full range of legal services to individuals and companies, both large and small, throughout Arizona and California. We represent businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, homeowners and professionals. Our lawyers recognize that every case is unique and that every client has unique needs and concerns to take into consideration when evaluating a case and advising a client.  "One size fits all" is not a proper approach in litigation when your business or life savings may be at stake.  Therefore, we offer advice and representation tailored to a client’s specific legal, business and financial needs. Our attorneys have successfully resolved countless cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and we would like to do the same for you. We bring our experience and quality legal representation to every case and are committed to providing superior legal service at reasonable rates.

For California individuals and companies, we encourage you to contact us to discuss our very competitive rates. From our offices in Arizona, we can provide you quality representation throughout California, often at a significant discount of the cost California law firms charge. 

Our practice areas include bankruptcy, civil litigation, commercial litigation, real estate law, HOA disputes, business and contract disputes, business structuring and counseling, and insurance defense, coverage and bad faith.  

News and Articles

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Posted Jun 21 2012 - 10:17am by Jon Dessaules

A foreclosure often results in the bank receiving less than the full amount owed on a loan. Whether banks may or may not pursue you for the balance due, or deficiency, depends on the application of a state’s anti-deficiency statutes. An anti-deficiency statute is a state law governing whether and when a lender may pursue a judgment following, or in lieu of, a foreclosure. Arizona has two main anti-deficiency statutes that provide protection to homeowners with qualifying property.

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Posted Jun 21 2012 - 10:15am by Jon Dessaules

Arizona law prohibits a lender from filing a lawsuit to collect on a home loan where the loan represents “purchase money,” that is, money used to purchase the property. This includes purchase money loans that are technically denominated as “home equity lines of credit” taken out at the time of the original purchase of the home. It also includes first, second, and even third mortgages where the money was borrowed as part of the purchase of the property.

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Posted Feb 17 2012 - 12:04pm by Jon Dessaules

2011 saw a lot of action in the world of employment law and 2012 promises even more. Join us for an informative, entertaining seminar on today's hot topics, and learn how to promote a positive, productive work environment with practical strategies for avoiding employee-related issues.  Rachel Maron, an attorney with more than ten years specializing in employment law, will discuss:

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Posted Apr 18 2011 - 1:45pm by Jon Dessaules

Homeowner and condominium associations are increasingly adopting policies for shutting off water or other utilities where an owner has fallen behind in his or her assessments, owes fines or penalties for violating the governing documents, or is supposedly refusing to follow rules.  Although people who own in a homeowner association generally are obligated to pay assessments, associations commonly use these water shut-off policies in order to force members to pay assessments, fines, penalties or other charges that they may not owe.  These owners often face an unfair choice: Pay wha

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Posted Apr 18 2011 - 1:42pm by Jon Dessaules

If you live in a homeowners association and have ever fallen behind on your assessments, chances are good you received one or more letters threatening legal action.  If you have been unlucky enough to be sued by your homeowners association and lost, chances are very good that your homeowner association has added court costs and attorneys’ fees to the amount of the unpaid assessments.  Arizona law and homeowners association’s governing documents generally permit a homeowners association, if successful in court, to include its costs and attorneys’ fees in addition to the unpaid asse

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Posted Apr 12 2011 - 5:15pm by Jon Dessaules

The prevalence of foreclosures in the real estate market has had several unexpected repercussions to distressed homeowners who have made the decision to walk-away from their home.  Banks appear to be unable, incapable, or unwilling to handle the volume of foreclosures, so a distressed homeowner may continue to own his or her home for months, and occasionally even years, after receiving a Notice of Trustee’s Sale (rather than the 90-days stated in the Notice).